When do Ukrainians think the war will end?

A new survey suggests that Ukrainians expect to win, to win fully and are ready for a long fight, if necessary. 

Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukrainian soldiers. Photo: PAP/Syrucek Milan

A new survey published by the Sociology Institute of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences suggests that the Ukrainian people are on for the long haul and will not accept less than a full return to 1991 borders. 

Over 40% of Ukrainians asked said they expected the war to continue for another year or more. Only eight months ago, in December 2022, the same answer was given by 26% of respondents. 

83.5% of respondents say that „victory” means a return to the borders of 1991. None of the other possible answers to this question received more than 5% support. 

Source: PAP (Polish Press Agency)


Radio Poland

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