Elon Musk must come before EU lawmakers to discuss Twitter reforms and sacking of staff – MEP Kelleher

– Twitter has obligations under EU’s Digital Services Act that it can’t ignore – 
Fianna Fáil MEP has joined with his Renew Europe colleagues in the European Parliament to request that the new Twitter CEO, Elon Musk be invited to attend a parliamentary hearing with MEPs to discuss his reforms at the company and how he will adhere to existing EU regulations.

Kelleher, an MEP for Ireland South, added, „The letter sent to the Parliament’s President, Roberta Metsola by my political group, the centrist liberal Renew Europe, is an important and crucial first step.

„What Mr. Musk has done so far is concerning. Twitter, whether we like it or not, plays a critical role in our democratic processes. Any weakening of standards could damage the fight against election interference, misinformation and hate speech.

„From an Irish perspective, I am incredibly concerned and angry about the manner in which Irish employees of Twitter were informed about job losses last week. Mr. Musk must accept that Twitter, by operating in, and locating itself inside, the EU must adhere to our strong employment rights legislation. We are not the United States. We respect workers and their rights. 

„Twitter has obligations under the Digital Services Act and the 2022 Code of Practice on Disinformation. This is non-negotiable. Twitter cannot become a dystopian hellscape. It would be bad for democracy and bad for society.

„European values and laws must still apply to Twitter irrespective of Mr. Musk’s personal views. He might be the world’s richest man, but no one is unaccountable. 

„President Metsola should invite Mr Musk for a hearing in the European Parliament to allow lawmakers to scrutinise his actions and intentions. As a liberal, free speech is essential but I and Renew Europe will not tolerate a return to the digital Wild West,” concluded Kelleher.

Billy Kelleher MEP

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