US must be prepared for ‘end of Russian Federation’: ex-commander

Ben Hodges, the former commanding general of United States Army Europe, has said that the US must be prepared for “the end of the Russian Federation as it looks today.”

Ben Hodges.

Ben Hodges.PAP/CTK/Michal Krumphanzl

The retired Lieutenant General, who also held command posts during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, made the statement in a tweet on Monday, Poland’s website reported.

Referring to the war in Ukraine, Hodges said: “I think that US war-aims for this conflict should include  „de-imperialisation” of Russia.”

He added: “ It seems to me that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the Russian Federation as it looks today.”

“We need to be prepared for this…we were not prepared for the end of the USSR,” the former commanding general stressed.

Having retired from the US Army in 2018, Hodges is now affiliated with the Center for European Policy Analysis, a think tank, reported. 

The former commanding general’s statement came as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continued for the 194th day.



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