Ukraine still has a chance for a breakthrough: US official

Ukrainian armed forces still have a chance for a breakthrough in their counter offensive effort, US ambassador to OSCE has said.

US ambassador to OSCE, Michael Carpenter

US ambassador to OSCE, Michael Carpenter Photo: PAP/Roman Zawistowski

Michael Carpenter told Polish Radio on Saturday that it is still too early to jump to conclusions on Ukraine’s counter offensive, adding that over the 18 months, the full-scale war was often unpredictable.

“What seems like a Russian advantage or a Ukrainian advantage at one point in time can shift within a very quick period and then go in a different direction,” Carpenter said, adding that “the Ukrainian armed forces are being very systematic and deliberate and have the opportunity to make a breakthrough.”

The ambassador also added that he does not want to speculate on the possible date of the breakthrough, but stressed that this opportunity “is still there.”

In his interview with Polish Radio, Carpenter also stressed the need to consistently support Ukraine, because the war in that country is a conflict between tyranny and freedom and democracy.

“This is so vital to the type of world that we want to live in,” Carpenter said, adding that letting Russia get away with their aggression sends a wrong message to other countries. 

The US ambassador to OSCE also called on NATO countries to react to hybrid threats posed by Russia.

“Poland knows this better than most countries, and so the NATO alliance, but also an even broader coalition of countries, that are like-minded, that are democracies, need to continue to adapt their institutions to be resilient against hybrid threats.”


Source: IAR

Radio Poland

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