‘Ukraine is fighting for all of Europe’: Polish health minister

Poland’s health minister on Friday paid tribute to Ukraine’s resistance against the Russian invasion as he visited injured troops in a hospital near Lviv.

Polands Health Minister Adam Niedzielski (second from right) and Ukraines Viktor Liashko (left) meet reporters in Lviv, Western Ukraine, on Friday, September 2, 2022.

Poland’s Health Minister Adam Niedzielski (second from right) and Ukraine’s Viktor Liashko (left) meet reporters in Lviv, Western Ukraine, on Friday, September 2, 2022.PAP/Karina Sało

Adam Niedzielski was accompanied at the Vynnyky hospital by his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Liashko, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

At a briefing in Lviv afterwards, Niedzielski noted that on Thursday “Poland had opened a medical hub for Ukrainian patients in the southeastern village of Jasionka.”

Co-funded by the European Union, the facility will provide medical care and psychological support for the ill and injured from Ukraine as they await transport to hospitals across Europe for further treatment.

A special aircraft is set to land at the nearby Jasionka Airport twice a week to take Ukrainian patients to other countries, officials told reporters.

‘Poland is a gateway to Europe for Ukrainian patients’

“Poland is becoming a gateway to all of Europe for Ukrainian patients,” Niedzielski said in Lviv on Friday.

He added: “But Poland isn’t looking only after patients. We are looking after everyone who has come to Poland, especially women and children, so that you can wage your fight.”

Poland’s health minister went on to say: “Above all I would like to express great respect for our Ukrainian friends. The struggle you are waging isn’t just a struggle for Ukraine, it’s also a struggle for Poland, a struggle for the whole of Europe.”

“And so we are trying to support you by all means,” he added.

“Thanks to excellent cooperation with Minister Liashko, we have managed to create a system for transferring patients to Poland and from Poland to all of Europe,” Niedzielski stated.

Friday was day 191 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  


Source: PAP, pulsmedycyny.pl

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