Russia uses multiple channels to spread disinformation about its invasion of Ukraine: UK

Russia is using multiple channels to spread disinformation about its invasion of Ukraine, Britain’s defence ministry has warned.

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„Since the start of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Russian state has systematically used information operations as a major element of its strategy,” the UK defence ministry said in its latest Intelligence Update on the Situation in Ukraine.

It added that Russia „has cultivated multiple channels and proxies to spread disinformation: the intentional creation and sharing of false or manipulated information.”

’Narrative laundering’

One component of Russia’s disinformation is „narrative laundering,” whereby Russia „promotes information from proxies, or unverified social media sources, which then permeates to more mainstream or state-run media,” the British defence ministry said on Wednesday.

The aim is „to cloud the source of the information,” while „making it easier for the Russian state to distance itself from the message,” it added.

Russia „then promotes misleading fragments of the narrative, while masking its vested interest,” according to the UK defence ministry.

Attempts to discredit Ukraine, reduce international support

„Russian state actors present manipulated narratives in both orchestrated and opportunistic ways,” it also said. „Their current priorities almost certainly include discrediting the Ukrainian government and reducing international support for Ukraine.”



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