US President agrees to the use of American weapons on Russian territory

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Friday that President Joe Biden approved Kyiv’s use of American weapons against legitimate targets on Russian territory, calling it an „adapting to the battlefield” strategy.

The US President Joe Biden


Blinken announced this to reporters after NATO foreign ministers meeting in Prague, Reuters reported.

The Secretary of State explained that the US was responding to „what was happening in and around the Kharkiv region”, adding that „over the last several weeks, Ukraine has asked us for permission to use the weapons we provide to defend ourselves, also against Russian forces that are massing on their side of the border and then attacking Ukraine”.

This request, as Blinken added, „went directly to President Biden – who consented to the use of our weapons for this purpose”. The US official stated that in the future the US administration „will continue to do what we have done so far – which is to adapt when necessary”.

Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, is located 30 kilometres from the border with Russia. For months now, it has been viciously pummelled by the invaders’ artillery, rockets and drones – oftentimes hitting civilian targets.

However, as the attacks were coming from the Russian side of the border – so far, the Ukrainian forces were unable to respond with provided long-range weapons, due to NATO countries’ anxiety to allow it.

Now, the situation in the region will finally change – although Blinken did not clearly say whether Biden’s approval could also be extended to military targets deeper in Russia or in other areas where the Russian invaders amass their forces and equipment on the border.

A US official told Poland’s PAP agency on Friday though, that the ban on using the US-provided ATACMS and other long-range missiles on Russian territory outside the Kharkiv area will remain in force.


Source: IAR, PAP

Radio Poland

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