Ukraine begins training on US F-16 jets: defense minister

Ukraine has started the training of its military personnel to operate US F-16 fighter jets, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov confirmed on Saturday.

The nose of an F-16 fighter.

The nose of an F-16 fighter.Photo: PAP/EPA/ANNA SZILAGYI

The move follows a statement from a US official two days ago highlighting the upcoming transfer of F-16s to Ukraine once pilot training is finalized.

During a television interview, Reznikov specified that pilots are required to undergo a minimum of six months of intensive training to handle the advanced aircraft. The duration for the training of engineers and other technical staff remains to be determined. According to Reznikov, „to set realistic expectations, a baseline of six months should be anticipated, but flexibility might be needed for potential extensions.”

Earlier this week, a US official stated that the US had approved the transfer of F-16s from Denmark and the Netherlands to Ukraine, bolstering its defense capabilities against Russia as soon as pilot training is concluded.

While Reznikov did not delve into the details of the training, he mentioned that it includes proficiency language training to familiarize personnel with technical terminology.


Source: PAP

Radio Poland

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