Poles back more arms for Ukraine

A vast majority of Poles are in favour of donating more weapons to war-stricken Ukraine, a survey has shown.

Ukraine needs more arms and munitions to stave off the Russian invasion.

Ukraine needs more arms and munitions to stave off the Russian invasion.ANATOLII STEPANOV/AFP/East News

Some 77.5% of the surveyed believe Poland should not cease its arms deliveries and continue the effort despite having already sent nearly two billion euros worth of military hardware to Ukraine.

Due to safety reasons, the Polish Ministry of Defence hasn’t disclosed what kind of equipment has been gifted to Ukraine, but it’s been confirmed that the shipments include munitions, intelligent guided targeting systems, unmanned aerial systems, tanks and mortars.

“We’re one of the leaders of not only military, but also humanitarian and medical aid,” Poland’s defence ministry said in a statement.

Poland has so far sent arms shipments worth EUR 1.82bn, becoming the fourth biggest military assistance provider to Ukraine, according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

The United States are at the forefront of international support for Ukraine, having committed 22.86 billion euros, followed by the UK with EUR 4.13bn and Germany, whose arms transfers amount to EUR 2.34bn.


Source: Rzeczpospolita

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