Have you a genuine employment case or merely a grievance? Answer these 4 questions

Hi again.​​​​​​

„Where do I stand?”

„Have I a case?”

Is it me or is it the employer?

These are the sort of comments and questions I hear from employees on a daily basis.

Invariably there is an issue in the workplace, or there has been some friction, or the employee feels undervalued and underappreciated, or has a sense of unfairness about how she is being treated in the workplace.

When they come to me they want to know if they have a legitimate claim or cause of action against the employer, or whether there is any substance to their sense of grievance and a feeling of being hard done by.

My 4 question test

I apply a four question test to get to the bottom of it and provide clarity for the employee by answering the question honestly and plainly. The four questions I ask are:

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Kind Regards
Terry Gorry

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