Garri Kasparov talks about chess… and war

In an interview for the Polish biweekly „Przegląd Sportowy ONET”, Garri Kasparov has praised Poland’s support for Ukraine and defiance of Putin. 

Garry Kasparov

Garry KasparovPAP / Tomasz Waszczuk

Kasparov is in Poland on the occasion of the Superbet Rapid&Blitz chess tournament. He praised Poland’s Duda who is a favourite.

In the interview, Kasparov addressed matters related to chess as well as the war in Ukraine. 

The former grandmaster and leading Russian oppositionist praised Poland’s role in the crisis:

„Following Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, Poland has become the logistics centre of the free world in the fight against Putin’s aggression.”

Kasparov elaborated on his view:

„Since the invasion of Crimea and the subsequent invasions I have been saying that Russia should be isolated… I believed that Russia would be completely thrown out of international structures and sent back to the „stone age”. Russians must be made aware that they are a part of a crminal regime.”

On the issues of chess, „Przegląd Sportowy ONET” asked Kasparov to compare himself and two other greats frequently mentioned as the „GOAT” of chess: Bobby Fischer and Magnus Carlsen. Kasparov responded that he is sceptical about simple statements about the „Greatest of All Time”:

„Fischer was at the top for three years… never defending his title. Magnus defended his title for 10 years and I was the best for 15 years… I can say that in the course of his decade at the top Carlsen achieved everything. But to call him the greatest is to make a subjective claim.”

Sources: Przegląd Sportowy ONET, Twitter


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