From youth to professional. You can give football talents a chance!

Youth sports can be both the beginning and the end of a young player’s career. After a certain age, not everyone has the chance to pursue their passion. Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time. One such opportunity is Emil Kot’s project, which can be supported on You also have a chance!

History shows that people are not born legends, they become them. Talent is just one of the tools needed to make the transition from amateur to expert. Professional footballers such as George Best and Jeff Hendrick started their careers in youth teams. From an early age, they worked for their success. It allowed them to spread their wings and led them to represent their countries at the World Cup. But there was another factor that enabled them to develop their careers. Opportunity.

The chance to be noticed is an important element that determines the path of any athlete. What’s the point of playing great football if no one but your friends can see it? It is for this very reason that many talented players end their journey in the youth teams. But it doesn’t have to be that way.Ty też masz szansę!’ (‘You Also Have A Chance!’) proves that anything is possible!

Emil Kot’s project was launched in 2014. It is a non-profit campaign organised by volunteers to help young talents in the lower leagues. A scouting network made up of football enthusiasts looks for players whose games are watched by club representatives at central level: coaches, scouts and sporting directors. In front of such an audience, an appearance on the pitch can be life-changing.

This year marks the 13th edition of the campaign. A test-match will take place in Dublin on 22 October. Young players of Polish origin (born 2004-2006) living in Ireland will showcase their skills to representatives of management agencies. This is a great opportunity for these talented youngsters to get a foot in the door!

The project has already taken place, among others, in Warsaw, Ciechanów, Milanowek and London. Its organisers can boast of having helped players such as Daniel Smuga, Dawid Rogalski and Karol Noiszewski. The young footballers taking part in the match do not incur any costs and the organisers provide them with food, insurance, equipment and physiotherapy. However, the project needs financial support.

Previous editions have successfully raised the funds needed for its execution thanks to donors on’You Also Have A Chance!’ is a fine example of using an online tool to raise money for a sports event. It can be supported by anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of young players. This year, the organisers have also decided to launch a campaign on the international version of the popular Polish platform.

With the money raised on, young footballers in Ireland will have the opportunity to play a proper football match. The costs include pitch and equipment hire, live streaming, a photographer and the fees of three referees. So far, on organisers have managed to raise more than PLN 3,000 (about €650). There is not much left and every donation means a lot to these athletes. We can give talented players a real chance to shine!


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