President approves 15-year plan for Polish armed forces

Poland’s president has signed off on a plan setting out priorities for the development of the Polish armed forces from 2025 to 2039. 


Photo:KPRP/Grzegorz Jakubowski

Andrzej Duda approved the strategic document in the northeastern town of Orzysz on Friday, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

Earlier, the president, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, watched as Polish troops practiced firing from the K2 Black Panther tanks and K9 Thunder self-propelled gun howitzers bought recently from South Korea.

’An extremely important document’  

After signing the 15-year development plan, Duda described it as “an extremely important document” amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He told reporters: “It sets out the main directions for the development of the Polish armed forces over the next 15 years, from 2025 onwards, a period which, judging by the current situation, is definitely  a groundbreaking period, when it comes to the future of the Polish state.” 

The president said that the priority directions for the development of the Polish army “will be largely based on the current foundation of ground forces, the air force and the navy.”

He added: “But new components have been added, namely the cyberspace forces and the space forces, in line with the challenges posed by contemporary times.”

Armed forces ‘strong enough to deter any potential opponent’

Referring to the firing exercise at the Orzysz training area, Duda told reporters: “What we’ve seen today, both the K2 tanks and the K9 gun howitzers, and further measures to modernise the Polish army planned for the immediate future, are precisely designed to implement the main directions for the development of the armed forces.”

He said: “This plan now also incorporates lessons learned from what is happening in Ukraine today.”

The president added that the Polish armed forces were being developed to ensure that “they are strong enough to deter any potential opponent.”

The 15-year plan setting out “the main directions for the development of the Polish armed forces and for their preparations for the defence of the state” is a confidential document based on Poland’s National Security Strategy, the PAP news agency reported.

It is updated and approved by the president every four years.

On the basis of the plan for the 2025-2039 period, Poland’s defence minister will issue a detailed programme for the development and modernisation of the Polish army, officials said.    


Source: IAR,

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