Gigantic EU transfer to Poland. Almost EUR 700 million for energy modernization

The European Commission has paid out EUR 697.5 million to Poland for investments in the energy sector.

Illustrative photo.

Illustrative photo.Shutterstock/Michailidis

Poland is one of ten countries which received a total of nearly EUR 3 billion for this purpose.

The most funds, slightly over EUR 1 billion, from the Modernization Fund were allocated to Romania by the European Commission. Financial support for the same purpose was also given to Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

EU grants were awarded to a total of 39 energy projects from 10 EU countries. The financial resources – the highest in the history of the Modernization Fund – will be primarily allocated to investments in renewable energy sources, the installation of photovoltaic systems, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in industry and transportation, the development of district heating systems, and the modernization of infrastructure for charging heavy vehicles.

The Modernization Fund was established to support the poorest European Union countries in transitioning to climate neutrality. Its beneficiaries currently include 13 countries. As of January 2024, Greece, Portugal, and Slovenia have joined the group of countries eligible to apply for investments related to energy modernization.


Source: PAP

Radio Poland

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