Życzenia Świąteczne od Prezydenta Irlandii 2021

This year Sabina and I have chosen for our official Christmas card,
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo’s depiction of the Flight into Egypt.

This is a story of a journey impelled by a great will for the protection of others – a
journey undertaken in great uncertainty, but navigated in a spirit of trust
and hope. It is also a story of people’s quiet courage. We have been asked
to hold firm in our courage.

“All of us, in our lived daily lives, in our different circumstances, have been
called upon to play our part in the challenges we share due to the impact
of Covid-19. They are challenges to which you have risen most generously,
making those sacrifices necessary to protect your loved ones and your
fellow citizens. It has been greatly reassuring to witness that expression of
solidarity, kindness, compassion and care for others, values that remain
such a deeply embedded resource in the lives of our communities.”

Michael D. Higgins, Uachtarán na hÉireann, Christmas 2021

“At the Food Systems Summit of the United Nations in New York this
September, I was struck by the emphasis laid, as to Food Security,
on breastfeeding as an obvious, basic and achievable measure. On
reflection, it seemed so obvious that recovering, and promoting
breastfeeding could make one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest,
contribution to children’s health, nutrition and development.
Beyond the direct benefit to the health of children and mothers, the most
important aspect, there is also the possibility of avoiding the spending
of billions later on issues of health, that could have been avoided had
breastfeeding been recognised as the best sustainable approach, as
a right, and as a promoted health policy. I believe that breastfeeding
should be a central part of the Food Security strategy discussion at global
Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, Message to Feeding the Future –
Shared Responsibility, NWC Breastfeeding Conference, October 2021

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