Win on Maternity Leave; Your feedback for COVID committee

We had an important win for women’s rights this week, when the Human Rights and Equality Commission warned that the exclusion from the temporary wage subsidy of women on Maternity Leave returning to work could breach European law, but can be fixed without more legislation. Now, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe has promised to publish a solution. Credit to my colleagues Ged Nash and Marie Sherlock who have been pushing hard on this issue.

I also wanted to get in touch about the new Oireachtas Covid-19 Response Committee. Two weeks ago, I was delighted to be appointed as the Labour rep on this important committee, as Labour’s newest TD this isn’t a responsibility I take lightly,  This committee is something that the Labour Party called for before Covid-19 landed on our shores, so it good that this committee is finally up and running and discussing the issues that matter to people.

Since the Committee first met last week, I have raised the potential rising costs of the National Children’s Hospital, conditions in Direct Provision centres, pay and conditions of staff in private nursing homes and the lack of nursing home inspections during Covid.

In the coming weeks the Covid Response Committee will discuss travel restrictions, use of private hospitals, childcare and supports needed for businesses.

Covid-19 and the restrictions that come with it is a lived experience that we are all sharing at the moment. Every session of the Covid Committee, I have a 5 minute slot for questions and answers with witnesses and I’d like your feedback. If there is anything you think should be raised during my slot at these committee meetings, please get in touch with me on and I’ll try my best to raise your concerns.

I hope you and your family and keeping well during this incredibly difficult time for our country.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday and I hope to hear from you soon.

In solidarity,


Duncan Smith TD
@labour on Twitter  

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