Tonight’s No Confidence Motion in Housing Minister, 8pm

Hello Friends,

At 8pm tonight, the Dáil will debate the Social Democrats ‚No Confidence’ motion in Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy TD. You can watch the debate live here. The vote is expected to be taken at 10pm.

The latest homeless statistics, released just now, show that 10,514 people were in emergency accommodation at the end of October, including 1,733 families with 3,826 children, an increase of 117 people.

Little other proof would be needed that this Government’s and this Minister’s ‚Rebuilding Ireland’ plan is not working, and in any event is not ambitious enough. 

The housing crisis threatens the social and economic welfare of people throughout Ireland – housing for first time buyers has never  been more expensive, rents never higher, number of families in homelessness never greater, a whole generation of young people locked out.

We believe that this Minister has failed and that this Government’s policies have failed. Our motion tonight is for No Confidence in the Housing Minister. It seeks to change the Minister and reboot how the Government tackles the housing crisis.

You can find further information here, including our 10 immediate actions for a new Housing Minister, and you can follow tonight’s debate here.

Thank you,

Catherine and Róisín