The Weekly Digest from Sinn Féin including the new, 40th Anniversary edition of 'The Diary of Bobby Sands

Welcome to the Weekly Digest from Sinn Féin where we bring you a flavour of work and campaigns that we have been involved in over the course of the week.

The Weekly Digest

Special edition of 'The Diary of Bobby Sands' produced to mark 40th anniversary of the Hunger Strikes

The first seventeen days of Bobby Sands' H-Block hunger strike to the death, written by Bobby and smuggled out of the prison, with a new Foreword by Brendan (Bik) McFarlane, who was on the same wing in H3 with Bobby, and the original Introduction by Danny Morrison.

This new edition, corrected against the original handwritten English and Irish manuscript for the first time since 1981, is re-published for the fortieth anniversary of the H-Block hunger strike.

The new edition is A5 size and has a new colour cover. It also includes new enhanced colour photos of the 10 men who died in the H-Blocks as well as Michael Gaughan and Frank Stagg.

Includes footnotes to help those new to Bobby’s writings better understand aspects of the protests in the H-Blocks and Armagh Jail and some of the politics of the day.

You can get your copy here:…/

Watch a short promotional video here:

Executive provides £25m to ensure health workers don’t pay tax on thank you payment

The Northern Executive has provided £25 million to ensure health workers don’t pay tax on the thank you payment. 

This is alongside support for sports clubs. 

Michelle O’Neill has said Sinn Féin will continue to support workers, families and businesses.

Watch a clip from Michelle here:

Sinn Féin told property developers to sling their hook but Fianna Fáil gave them a friendly ear

Pearse Doherty has said Sinn Féin told property developers to sling their hook when they lobbied them but unfortunately they got a friendly ear from Fianna Fáil’s Darragh O’Brien in the Department Housing.

He accused the Green Party of rolling over to allow Fianna Fáil push house prices up with its Shared Equity Scheme.

Watch Pearse here:

Mandatory hotel quarantine

Pearse has also said that Eamon Ryan just doesn’t get it when it comes to the need for mandatory hotel quarantine for everyone who arrives in the country for non-essential reasons. He said this government is losing the trust of the people and putting us all at greater risk. 

Watch Pearse here:

Meat factories owner must protect workers and adhere to public health guidelines

Sinn Féin Agriculture spokesperson Matt Carthy has said meat factory owners who fail to protect their workers and ensure public health guidelines are adhered to must be held financially responsible by the government.

Watch Matt here:

Family carers left at the back of the queue for vaccination

Mary Lou has said standing up for Family Carers is not playing politics as Micheál Martin seems to believe.  She said it is simply the right thing to do.

Mary Lou has said family carers have been left at the back of the queue for vaccinations.

Watch Mary Lou here:

Extend the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes

Sinn Féin Children’s spokesperson Kathleen Funchion has said Minister Roderic O’Gorman must listen to survivors and extend the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes to ensure their voices are heard, that they have a chance to amend their testimonies to reflect the reality of their experiences and ensure justice is done.

Watch Kathleen here:

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