The office of The Warsaw Stock Exchange will be in Lodz

The Board of Warsaw Stock Exchange decided that an office where team of specialist will work on The New Transactions Platform will be opened in Lodz.

The focus is on providing a system that will be original, innovative and user-friendly.

Why was Łódź chosen?

CEO of Warsaw Stock Market Marek Dietl explains that Łódź is the best place to realize a project like this, both in terms of logistics and the possibility of recruiting appropriate employees. IT potential is one of the most important advantages of Łódź. Furthermore, the proximity of Warsaw makes it possible to combine working in the office in Łódź and on the stock exchange in Warsaw, as well as makes it convenient for experts from London to easily come to Łódź.

The new Transactions Platform is planned to be launched in June 2023.

We are proud that the investment potential of Łódź has been appreciated once again.

Monika Kmin

Source: Łódź City Hall

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