Terry Gorry: The 16 Costly Employment Law Mistakes Many Irish Employers Make

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Welcome to this short report on The 16 Costly Employment Law Mistakes
Many Irish Employers Make.

Kindly note that it is for informational purposes and is not legal advice.
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I originally wrote this report in 2014 for employers who are understandably
concerned with costly claims being taken against them by employees.
But it soon became apparent that employees with employment related difficulties were downloading the report in large numbers too.
Let me be clear: I am a solicitor so I represent
both employers and employees alike.

You can learn more about my services for employees here.
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Word of Warning in 2018
The law has changed pretty significantly since I first published this report in 2014.
For example, you now have new whistleblower legislation and a new minimum wage from January each year.

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Terry Gorry

P.S. Here is my services for employees

P.P.S. Here is my services for employers.

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