Terry Gorry: Part Time Workers’ Employment Rights-What You Need to Know

Hi again.
There isn’t a business in Ireland which doesn’t employ part time workers.  
Just because they are part time and maybe doing a small number of hours per week does not mean that they cannot bring expensive claims against you as an employer.  
No way.  What you need to understand, at its simplest, is that part time workers cannot be treated less favourably than their full time counterparts.  
Unless that treatment can be justified on an objective ground.   What’s an objective ground?    
It has nothing to do with the employee being a part timer The purpose of the different treatment is for a legitimate objective of the business The less favourable treatment is necessary and appropriate to achieve that purpose.  
You can learn more about part time and fixed term workers’ rights here.   Till the next time.   Kind Regards
Terry Gorry

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