Sushi rolls – (ENG)

What do you eat when you are craving foods that don’t really follow your ,, diet plan’?

Instead of jumping at „processed foods” shelf in the supermarkets choosing, „read” pizza or burgers, treating it like „cheat meal” , consider making your own healthier variation of foods you crave. Seriously, homemade pizza, pasta, burgers, cakes, etc… would be always a better choice as that’s you who decide what kind of ingredients you use to prepare if from… you can use organic ingredients, preservative-free, artificial-free…

Learn how to make a better choices and stop „cheating yourself” or dieting from „Monday to Friday” to finally get this cheat meals at the weekends… Life is not about diet but smart choices every day.

I love sushi so I got mine done for this weekend  vegan option for me as it’s easy on my stomach. Delicious, fit and healthy.
For filling I love to put:
– carrot
– avocado
– cucumber
– peppers
– spring onion
– snap peas

You can put in whatever you really want, obviously … Wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger is a must to make it work together.
Grab the video I’ve found on yt, to find out how easy is to make your own sushi rolls!

Happy weekend everyone 

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