Stephen Fahey: Try it for yourself if you have time;)

Technology across the board has progressed exponentially. The entire human species faces breathtaking social challenges and unravelling these unprecedented issues requires a mindset that is hitherto unknown. Already even our humble and decidedly primitive behaviours are beginning to merge with understanding and with the great spirit of hope. Gods and magic have made their exit and as such leave the immortal keys of fate lying in our hands. All of us must now either engage or down the road be interred in our own nationalistic and socio-political traps.

Spiritualism is still ours to learn from, but a time has come. This awesome responsibility that our planet now faces will be our greatest ever obstacle, effort and lesson. However, we do already have the basic principles to guide our planet towards greater good. Lies and greed and evil taught us that our lesser selves are not to be trusted. I have seen the old days fall and new days come. They purchased the uneasy trust every single living creature now clings to. The probability of our destroying all life on this planet has plummeted and even the most cynical rebels see that to hold onto old think ends where it has always ended.

Yet our rebirth has already begun. The future is ours. Despite our histories and our fears we still gravitate towards hope and our future is still not written. We have every chance necessary to find a path to our goals and to overcome each individual hurdle that we come across.

The game is afoot. Write the first letter of every fourth word down to then spell out the hidden text. Only then will the real journey begin. Read through all the clues. Have fun. Play. And remember your childhood, because earth needs the youthful enjoyment of doing. Then, when you finish, return here and post the answer (once you’ve found the end) in the comments section and become one of us. We love talented people and our organization always needs useful and innovative people ready to help improve it and to also strengthen it. Now is the time to gather help, to connect with each other and to build a future that all of us can garner safety from.

Stephen Fahey

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