Stephen Fahey: The hustle calls

As those of you who visit here each week know, I recently returned to school and I have been learning just how many opportunities there are to those who would avail of them. The catch is that you have to make them happen yourself. For example, if you hire a van and find a network of small suppliers who have no means of distributing their goods, you can bring an industry to market at very low cost. You have to hustle your tail off, but opportunities are rife.

If you don’t hold a driving license there are, for example, the old reliable washing windows and cars, lawn mowing and dog/Granny walking and sitting. But can’t spend your weekends laying in bed watching TV/having a life. You have to accept the catch and make that sacrifice, but you can actually create a living by doing. Or at least generate a second or third source of income.

Many complain. I complain. We all complain, sometimes. But there are few who have the right to complain. And ironically, those few who do have that right are just too busy hustling to have time to do any complaining. In fact, they don’t have much time to sleep, let alone complain. But when they do eventually sleep, they sleep the sleep of the Gods.

Most of us have lost that driver to hustle, with our comforts and conveniences luring us to sit back. Our children and our teenagers are not inspired by the nine-to-five. And neither are we. We just complain. I complain. I don’t currently have multiple streams of revenue. But I will. Mark my words. I said I’d come off the cigarettes and I did. I said I’d go back to school and I did. And I’m saying now, in front of you all, that I will supplement my income.

I know that it’s awful just to think about not getting to sleep in on a Saturday, or Sunday, or any day, ever. It’s awful to think about missing dinners with the family. But if there a need to hustle, if the fun stuff like winning the lottery or becoming an arms dealer or an avocado cartel leader or leasing yourself out as a stripper or hired gun aren’t viable options, then finding a niche in which you can be the best or, even better, only fish in the sea, then so be it.

There are so many options out there that I didn’t know about before I started learning again. And I must share what I’ve learned, because I look around me and I see a lot of people who really need higher wages and I see a lot of people who have no calling in life (/need a kick in the backside). And I see a lot of young people who have enthusiasm and talent, but who think that they have few/no options. In particular, the young, who will one day lead us all, need to know their own worth, and they can only know that by doing for themselves.

So, to all of you young folk out there, with time on your hands and a desire to have more money in your pocket/your mother’s pocket/your young daughter’s savings accounts or wherever, remember that technology gives you the power to do almost anything. Now couple that power with all the free time you have and just think about what you could achieve. All you have to do is hustle/sacrifice.

At first the hustle is figuring out what your hustle is, just like finding a job is a full time job if you’re unemployed. But once you find your own territory, you find your feet. Then no one dictates your hours or tells you what to do or when to do it. All those choices become yours. Those responsibilities become yours to stand over and wield and be proud of. And if you do rise up and make your mark, help others to do the same. Join with people and encourage them to also help those who come up after them. It’s the mark of decent human being.

Stephen Fahey

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