Stephen Fahey: South Devon Chilli Farm

Sauces, jams, jellies, mashes, seeds, ketchup, salsa, gift packs, party packs, plants, grow kits, vinegar kits, chilli powders, dried chillies and, of course, fresh, gorgeous, delectable, sizzling chillies the like of which God himself can be proud of. Yes. You guessed right, Lords and Ladies. It’s South Devon Chilli Farm. These horticultural lunatics have been at it for over 20 years. And yet they show no signs of slowing down.

What’s more, you’ve probably seen their products on your local shelves, or already eaten their goods yourself. Because, thankfully, they have so many stockists now that it’s likely most human beings are, at most, within three to four meters of a SDCF product at any given moment.

Indeed, these green-fingered phenoms offer the full range of heat and flavour. In practically any shape or form one can imagine. But there are heights. Lofty, lofty heights. Heights to which legends guest in ancient tales and return from forever changed. The kind of heights that are spoken of only in hushed tones by the wisest elders. And SDCF takes you there with both class and style.

What’s more, they ship worldwide at seriously competitive prices. In fact, these revered maniacs have so much of the secret wisdom that they don’t just make it look easy, they make making it look easy look easy. I myself have tasted their goods on several occasions and made my own sauces with many of their fresh and dried pods and they have never, ever, let me down. However, today is a special day. Because today I found one of their stockists carrying the Extreme Chilli Chocolate. Which contains a whole Bhut Jolokia (look up the Bhut Jolokia online real quick there) in each bar. And this is my first time trying it. Let me just have a bite…

… OK, at first I thought is was a dud. It was Not a dud. There was a delay just long enough to lull me into a momentary sense of security. That security is now gone. Very gone. Oh, the heat is constant and intimidating, even though I am very familiar with the hottest sauces on the market. SDCF, you glorious, frenzied, raving nutcases, what have you done? What have I done?!

Did I just have another bite? I did, didn’t I? Hell yes I did! And it’s even better than the first bite. I just can’t feel my face right now is all. Take my word for it., folks. Get onto the South Devon Chilli Farm website, order some goodies for you and your loved ones right now! You can thank me later.

Stephen Fahey

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