Stephen Fahey: My mate John.

My mate John is one of those people that we all wish we could be. He’s so committed everything that he does that it’s almost sickening. He’s one of those people who dives so deep into whatever he is doing at any given moment that he is reading books about it and talking to people who are passionate about it, whatever it is, so soon after deciding that he is going to do something that there is just no stopping him, and I mean absolutely NO stopping him. I am a wholly fulfilled human being. So much so, in fact, that I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I am so jealous of the strength of his character and of his dedication to every little thing that he does that I feel small next to him.

Unsurprisingly, he would be the first the talk down his power and he’ll admonish me for mentioning him, and rightly so, because he freely and unlimitedly shares every scrap of information he has on each and every subject at hand, under the organic proviso (no less) that it’s to the benefit of whomever he’s addressing. He’s basically the most solid human being you’ve ever met, the most fair and the most honest. He is authentically selfless. Yes, know this sounds impossible, but he’s a modern human who is capable, driven, compassionate, patient and still a fair parent, husband and individual.

You might ask yourself why I’m harking on about John, and that’s fair.. The truth is simple; he is an example in a world of obligatory contributions, political corruption, cold-blooded murder, human trafficking and or all the lesser halves of our selves which run rampart on the front pages of our hearts. We all fight like savages, every minute, just to keep our heads above water while the system stomps on us with its totems of supposed truth. But it is critical to remember Johns, now more than ever.

It is us fortunate few who have Johns. You might have one yourself. But Johns, like unicorns and clean drinking water and loving mothers and enough food to survive for another day on earth and the right word in your ear when you’re down on your luck and juicy steaks and beer on your birthday, they are what get us through. Johns are shelter. Johns are calm seas. They are shade on those gruelling days when we bring our kids to the parade early so they can get a good viewpoint but still the sun ignorantly refuses to just arch over the buildings that surround you that you can get a long enough inch of respite that to breathe enough of fresh air to feel human again.

We should all be so lucky to have a John. But the sad fact is that we don’t all have a John. In fact, most of us don’t even have even half a John. Most of us have to crawl through the broken glass of life without ever having any Johns to be decent to us and honest with us and hard on us and truthful and uplifting in the face of our self-deprecation and persistent in the face of our weaknesses. Most of us are mired in the sad and endless swamp of our own little delusions. So, in the name of John (and believe me or don’t believe me all you like, the John of whom I speak is an actual real person), because most people out there are in true need of a John, won’t you be a John?!

I am THIS close to telling you who John really is, because I wish everyone could know him and benefit from having him in their lives. I wish everyone knew about the help he gives to the homeless and the mentally ill and those less fortunate (of all forms). But that’s not John’s way. I would be defeating his nature, and that of all Johns, if I named him. His whole way isn’t to be known, his way is to just be that way. To live a genuine life of goodness is to be a John. He’d tell you the same himself, right to your face – as would any John, including you; if you’ll be a John. So, please, remember that The John and all the other Johns are out there making the world a better place. So, if you know a John, won’t you support him/her and follow/promote their example?

Stephen Fahey

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