Stephen Fahey: Important Announcement for Teenagers with Acne!

Ok, so this one goes out to anyone and everyone who knows a person with acne. Especially teenagers. And extra-especially teenage girls. Life is as hard as the concrete your teeth shatter on when you trip over your shoelace, and even harder for teenagers on an average day. So share this with someone who you know needs it.

I have pockmarks on my face from severe acne as a teenager (largely because I was a filthy mutt of a teenage boy) but if had known then what I’m about to tell you back now, well, I’d be even more pretty (yet, sadly, less rugged in my handsomeness). It’s simple. It’s cheap. It works. And it’s important. So, (and I mean it now) whether or not you know the physical and emotion and short and long-term pains of acne, if you care about the person you thought of first when you started reading this, then forward them a link to this page. Or at the very least tell them about it.

No matter how much scrubbing, washing, rinsing, exfoliating, steaming and or disinfecting we do to our faces before bed every night, we don’t replace our pillowcases every twenty four hours. Do we? no. Do teenagers? HELL NO. They don’t, because it’s just normal to change your linen for three days or so. Society simply doesn’t expect us to change our linen every single day. And I don’t advocate that people do. But if you have acne of the face, I absolutely DO advocate your replacing your pillowcase every morning. Not every night, but every Morning. By doing so you are giving bacteria less time to breed during the day. 

(Bonus: Leave your bear pillow case in direct sunlight and fresh air for as long as possible each day. Bacteria absolutly hate direct sunlight and fresh air!)

I know, it sounds stupidly obvious and simple. And it is. But don’t be fooled. It’s just a loophole that we usually don’t see because it’s not obvious, until someone points it out. But I just have, twenty years too late for me, but not too late for someone else.

Now, (right now) whoever that person is that you thought of a few minutes ago, the one who needs this information, I am trusting you (yes, You) to give them this information. If they don’t have seven pillow cases, then t-shirts will do. But the most important things is that they change the pillow case Every, Single, Morning. Do it for ten days without changing anything else in your routine to see results. Continue doing it, and enjoy not looking like me in twenty years. 

Also, if you’ve been sent a link to this page, pay it forward!

Stephen Fahey

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