Shortage of flu shots in Poland

Polish pharmacies are facing a shortage of flu shots, The Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber has warned, as Poles are urged to vaccinate against the disease amid the coronavirus pandemic.



Head of The Polish Pharmaceutical Chamber, Tomasz Leleno told Poland’s PAP news agency that „only ten percent of the planned 2 million vaccines are available on the Polish market.”

„We expect the availability to improve at the end of September, and the beginning of October,” he added.

Polish Deputy Health Minister Waldemar Kraska said last month that citizens were well advised to get vaccinated against the flu, especially as it caused symptoms similar to COVID-19.

He told a news conference at the time that a combination of a busy flu season with an increased incidence of COVID-19 cases could place an excessive strain on the country’s health service, making it difficult for doctors to distinguish between the two diseases due to similar symptoms.

Poland’s Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said that his ministry’s strategy to deal with a possible second wave of the coronavirus epidemic in the fall is based on “flexible risk management,” with an increased role for primary care providers and a larger number of drive-through testing sites.

Niedzielski also stressed the role of prevention, including disinfection, social distancing and face mask wearing, while also urging mass vaccination against the flu.


Source: PAP

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