Russian diplomat expelled from Poland: report

A high-ranking Russian diplomat was expelled from Poland earlier this year as a result of an operation by the country’s counterintelligence services, according to a report.

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The diplomat, who served as Russia’s deputy consul-general in the western Polish city of Poznań, was expelled in March, Polish state broadcaster TVP Info reported on Monday, citing what it said was newly revealed information about previously unknown Polish counterintelligence operations.

Based on the agents’ findings at the time, the man was declared persona non grata in Poland.

He was also banned from entering the European Union’s free-travel Schengen Area, TVP Info reported.

The Russian „conducted activities incompatible with his diplomatic status, which could have harmed Polish-Russian relations,” according to the website.

He was nabbed by officers from the counterintelligence division of Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW), TVP Info reported.

The broadcaster added that at the end of 2017 the Internal Security Agency banned three Russian nationals—named only as „Oleg B.,” „Dmitry K.” and „Alexei M.”—from entering Poland and the Schengen area.

The three men were suspected of being involved in Russian hybrid warfare operations in Europe, according to the website.


Source: TVP Info

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