Ruling Law and Justice programme convention

„A good time for Poland”

Jarosław Kaczyński at programme convention in Lublin

Jarosław Kaczyński at programme convention in LublinPAP/Wojtek Jargiło

   Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party gathered for a pre-election programme convention in the south-eastern city of Lublin, with speeches by leader of the party Jarosław Kaczyński, PM Mateusz Morawiecki and former PM Beata Szydło. Opening the convention, held under the theme of „A good time for Poland”, Law and Justice leader Jarosław Kaczyński spoke of the fundament of his party’s values, which is defending natural human dignity.

„We treat protecting life very widely. It is protection against various opressions, also from one’e own country, and also euthanasia, abortion on demand, and all that ideology which today undermines the value of human life” he said.

 He added that his party was aiming to increase the level of equality in social life, underlining that liberty, equality and solidarity co-created the value of justice which was his grouping’s objective.

 The first people to speak at the convention was a family from Otwock, describing the support they have from the government’s 500plus child subsidy programme. 

 On the eve of the convention deputy prime minister Jarosław Gowin said that the core of the election programme was economy.  „The United Right is presenting its platform, with which we want to convince the Polish society. In this term, the pressure being on expansive social programmes. In the next term we want to concentrate mostly on economic growth, development and the best possible conditions for developing entrepreneurship” he said. 

  According to Law and Justice’s deputy press representative Radosław Fogiel, the convention in Lublin is the next element in the party’s election campaign and the closing of the process begun in July in Katowice and continued over at the series of summertime picnics attended by politicians throughout Poland.

 Poles will vote in parliamentary elections on October 13.

 After four years in power following a landslide win in 2015, Poland’s governing conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party is bidding for a second term.

 As election day approaches, the country’s ruling conservatives are ahead in the opinion polls, while the opposition is divided into three separate camps.

Source: IAR/PAP 

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