Right to Flexible Work

With more people returning to the office we need to reimagine the future of work in Ireland. 

The government’s proposals are to give people 'a right to request flexible work’, but this completely ignores what many of us have experienced over the past two years.  During the pandemic, all of our work arrangements have evolved and many of us have experienced a better work life balance.

Big Jim Larkin

Last weekend at the 75th Anniversary of the death of Big Jim Larkin, I announced  that the Labour Party will be publishing legislation that will provide working people with a 'a right to flexible work’.  You can watch a short video of the commemoration below.

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A right to flexible work will put what is best for workers, our communities and our planet into the centre of the debate about our workplaces and our economy in post-pandemic Ireland.

I want to ensure that our legislation reflects the reality of your experiences and helps us to inform the change that we need.

Please take 5 minutes to complete our survey by clicking on the button below and share amongst your family and friends.

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Senator Marie Sherlock
Labour Party Spokesperson on Employment Affairs