„Queen of Warsaw” rose officially launched

Baptism of new rose „Queen of Warsaw” held at Warsaw’s Royal Castle.

Rose Queen of Warsaw

Rose „Queen of Warsaw”zamek-krolewski.pl

A special naming ceremony for the flower was held at the Kubicki Arcades, which open on to the Castle gardens on the Vistula River escarpment. The rose was officially baptised by top Polish opera singer, mezzosoprano Małgorzata Walewska, together with Mireille Steil of the World Federation of Rose Societies and rose grower Łukasz Rojewski.

The new rose, cultivated specially for Warsaw’s Royal Castle, joins the Castle’s own plant collection. Director of the Castle Wojciech Fałkowski says that the idea to have a dedicated plant collection was born two years ago, when the Lower Gardens opened to visitors.

The collection also features a tulip named „Heart of Warsaw”.

Rose „Queen of Warsaw” can be seen at a flower show open through Sunday at the Kubicki Arcades.

Media patron of the event is Polish Radio. 

Source: IAR 

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