Polish government expects 1,000 new affordable homes this year

The Polish government’s „Home Plus” programme to create low-cost apartments will result in 1,000 new homes this year, with thousands more to come, an official has said.

Photo: pexels.com

Photo: pexels.comCC0

Tenants will be able to rent the new affordable homes, and will be provided with opportunities for purchase if they reside in the same home for a number of years.

Speaking to private broadcaster Polsat News on Thursday, Deputy Investment and Development Minister Artur Soboń said his department was seeking funding to start construction of 100,000 more homes before the end of this year.

Polish President Andrzej Duda in early July signed a new law which seeks to increase the supply of land available for construction.

It is expected that many of the new homes will be built on former military land.


Source: PAP

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