Polish foreign ministry condemns attack on Israeli students in Warsaw

Poland’s foreign ministry has condemned an incident in which a group of Israeli nationals were beaten and injured in Warsaw at the weekend.

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Several Israeli students were attacked by Arabic-speaking assailants as they were leaving a night club in the Polish capital in the early morning hours of Saturday, according to the rp.pl website.

Two of the students required medical attention after the attack, rp.pl reported.

The Polish foreign ministry has condemned the incident in a Twitter post.

It said: „The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemns any acts of aggression committed by (and against) foreigners in Poland.”

It added that the attack was being investigated by police.

“We oppose any forms of violence,” the Polish foreign ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Polish ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski, has called the attack “a despicable act of barbarism” and said on Twitter that “there’s no justification for violence.”

 “I believe the perpetrators will be detained shortly,” Magierowski added.

Poland’s onet.pl news website has cited a police spokesman as saying that the most aggressive attacker „was said to be shouting he was Palestinian.”

Police were investigating the incident as a possible „nationally-motivated crime,” onet.pl reported, citing the police spokesman, Sylwester Marczak.


Source: IAR, rp.pl, onet.pl

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