Poland’s PGNiG wants to renegotiate prices under Gazprom contract

Polish state-run energy company PGNiG has launched a bid to renegotiate the price of gas contracted from Russia’s Gazprom.

Image by Magnascan from Pixabay

Image by Magnascan from Pixabay Pixabay licence

The Polish giant wants to pay less for deliveries under the so-called Yamal contract, which is due to expire in December 2022.

PGNiG said that the contract allows both sides to request a renegotiation once in every three years if they deem that prices “do not correspond to the market situation”.

The Yamal contract was signed in 1996. PGNiG said in November last year it would not renew the long-term deal when it expires.

Poland is wary of Russia and is seeking alternative sources of supplies in order to become independent of its giant neighbour to the east.


Source: IAR/PAP

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