Poland’s int’l role, expat deals discussed at US conference

Poland’s international position, investment and business projects are being debated at a conference in the United States.

The 60 Million Congress in Miami, Florida, runs until Saturday.

The 60 Million Congress in Miami, Florida, runs until Saturday.Image: 60mln.pl

The 60 Million Congress in Miami, Florida, part of a well-established series of events, has attracted diplomats, businessmen and members of Polish communities from across America as well as entrepreneurs from Poland.

“The Polish diaspora is huge, one of the largest in the world and its potential has yet to be fully put to use,” said Grzegorz Fryc, the organiser of the 60 Million Congress, which is taking place for the 10th time.

“We are hosting representatives from Polish communities not only in the US but also Australia, Germany and Great Britain,” Fryc added.

They have come to take part in six panel discussions focusing on topics such as Poland’s economic position in the world, the future of medicine and the successes of Polish entrepreneurs and managers, according to Fryc.

The idea behind the conference is to integrate and connect professionals, executives and business leaders linked to Poland and Polish communities internationally.

The name of the event refers to the estimated overall number of Poles living in Poland and around the world.

The 60 Million Congress aims to unite the Polish community and business circles around the world.

The Miami event runs until Saturday.

Public broadcaster Polish Radio last year joined a social campaign that aims to help expatriate Poles keep in touch with their native country and encourage them to return home.

The „We Are 60 Million” campaign, launched at Polish Radio’s Warsaw headquarters in July, aims to spread information about Polish communities abroad and bring Poland closer to people of Polish ancestry living outside the country.


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