Poland ‘analyzing’ Denmark’s withdrawal of Baltic Pipe permit: official

The Polish government is analyzing Denmark’s decision to withdraw an environmental permit for the Danish section of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline project, an official in Warsaw has said.

„We are analyzing the situation in order to be able to plan further steps,” Michał Dworczyk, chief of staff to Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, told the media at the end of last week.Michał Dworczyk, the man in charge of Poland's COVID-19 vaccination campaign.Michał Dworczyk. Photo: PAP/Wojciech Olkuśnik

He was speaking after Danish grid operator Energinet said on Thursday that construction of the Baltic Pipe, a pipeline designed to connect Poland with Norwegian gas fields, had been halted in Denmark after the withdrawal of the environmental clearance due to concerns over wildlife.

Denmark’s Environmental Protection Agency had cited concern over the impact on protected mice and bat species to back its decision to halt construction of the pipeline in Denmark, Energinet said.

While the decision does not affect other sections of the planned pipeline, it represents a setback to Poland’s energy security efforts and could delay the project. Warsaw has been counting on the pipeline to help limit its dependence on Russian energy sources.

Dworczyk told state broadcaster TVP on Friday that the project aimed to ensure Poland’s „energy independence” and said the government was studying the Danish decision.

Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz has told public broadcaster Polish Radio that “it is in the interest of Poland and Central Europe as a whole” to build the Baltic Pipe as soon as possible.

The Baltic Pipe is designed to bring Norway’s offshore natural gas from the North Sea through Denmark to Poland.

The project to build the pipeline, scheduled for completion in the fall of 2022, is part of Warsaw’s efforts to diversify gas supplies and reduce the country’s energy dependence on Russia.

Radio Poland’s Agnieszka Bielawska has this report.


Source: IAR, PAP, Reuters, energetyka24.com

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