Our Housing Plan can deliver – with your help

The hours are counting down to polling day and housing is one of the biggest issues in these elections.

Can you help us share our message online about housing over the next few days? We need your help now.

Labour has a proud track record of housing delivery, and we have an ambitious plan to build 80,000 social and affordable homes over 5 years on publicly owned land. We want to deliver a new deal for renters, and put the State at the heart of building homes.

Throughout my time as a Councillor I have worked to deliver social housing, and the same goes for my colleagues across the country. Labour Councillors get the work done, serve their communities, and deliver real results.

I was very proud that a social housing project I had pursued for years finally got delivered in my own estate of Beech Hill but it took a long campaign.

Please share our video here.

Those 19 new homes are now occupied. If everywhere in Dublin delivered what we did in one small estate it would mean 7,500 new homes in the capital. Spread that out across the country and it’s thousands more.

It can be done with the right political leadership and the right funding. These were the only homes delivered in the constituency of the Housing Minister last year and they were delivered by Labour.

Please ensure you do what you can in the remaining time to support your Labour candidates so that we elect Labour Councillors and MEPs.

Thank you

Cllr Dermot Lacey
Chair of the Association of Labour Councillors
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