Of Love and Death – Written By Stephen Fahey. Part 11

book 1

I reached out my hand and she took it and I felt like a giant. All my emotions were bolstered into so mammoth a rapture that the delight of her trust in me became a tremendous quaking. I turned and faced the huge building and led her in towards it. It was beautiful. Tall and slender and shining like the other structures, it seemed to hum somewhat and more so the closer that we got to it. I looked up at its top but couldn’t see it. It was so tall that there was no end to its height. I was driven though. Winnie needed me. And with her love and trust pounding in my chest I was invincible.

We walked and walked and never seemed to reach the tower. It was so far away and so tall that it seemed up close at all times. One couldn’t put aside the influence of its mass. It was taller than any mountain on earth. Taller even than the sky on earth. And that it was on that glassy island in the sky, already who knows how high, it’s summit was limitless. But I was invincible, like I said, so I kept us moving. Again we never tired but we didn’t float upwards as we had in that giant room before.

We walked for so long that I noticed that it should have been getting towards nightfall, but above us there was a perpetual early morning sky. It didn’t seem real, having never see so much daylight for so long, but I assumed that it was natural for that place and kept us moving. Then, out of nowhere, I walked flat into the tower and burst my nose wide open. Blood splattered down the wall and I was immediately ashamed for sullying the Ooo’ sacred place. I pulled off my shirt and rubbed down the wall but before I could finish a crowd of people had gathered around us and Winnie stepped behind me instinctually.

I could hear whispers and their tones were terrifying, but I didn’t let my fear show. I couldn’t. Winnie needed me.

“People!” I raised my arms. “Please!”

Almost at once a distant thump beckoned and the crowd backed away as one. It was the bounding of a Suug and in moments God stood before me with a grimace that was unmistakable even in spite of his ever shifting face.

“Human! You must pay for this.”

“I have no money.”

“What is money?”

“Currency. I have nothing to trade.”

“You have the female!”

“NO, God! She is not for trade!”

“Well, you must trade something. What about an organ?”


“An organ, human! Your people have two of most organs, am I right?”

“Eh… well yes, but… ”

“Then it is agreed! Take him!!”

“JAMES!!… Wait, you monsters! WAIT!!”

They had taken one step towards me but as Winnie spoke they stopped and looked and grumbled at each other.

“… what did she say?”

“… I don’t know. She is very squeaky.”

“… She is. Isn’t she? Is that a human thing?”

“… I don’t think so, wasn’t there than other human way back when? What was his name?”

“… Churchill?”

“… No, the other one!”

“… Tesla?”

“… No.”

“… Collins.”

“… No, the other-other one!”

“… Oh, Gandhi?”

“… That’s the one! He was squeakier than a Suugling in an ultramonkey pit on feeding day.”

“… That he was. Tasted horrible too.”

“… But what about this one? She seems unpredictable and the human agreed to pay with an organ!”

“… Can I eat her?”

“… No, God knows these creatures!”

And so the two bashful yet opinionated bystanders shut up and watched as God knelt and picked Winnie up with one hand to which she bellowed, “I WILL FICKING KICK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF EVERY LAST DAMN MOTHERSHITTING ONE OF YOU FUCKING SHITS IF YOU LAY SO MUCH AS A FUCKING SHITTY FINGER ON MY MAN!”


Glances from Ooo to Ooo.

To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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