New road safety rules in Poland

Pedestrians in Poland will be banned from staring into their cellphone screens while crossing the street under new rules signed into force by President Andrzej Duda on Monday.

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The move aims to improve safety on the country’s notoriously dangerous roads.

Under another amendment to the law, drivers will have to give priority to people just stepping out onto a pedestrian crossing, as well as those already on it.

Motorists will also have to keep their distance from the car ahead on highways and expressways, a move designed to prevent the practice of tailgating – a common sight on Polish roads.

The Polish government last month gave the green light to a new safety drive aiming to cut the country’s high road death toll.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the time the PLN 2.5 billion (EUR 555m, USD 675m) Safe Road Infrastructure programme would reduce the number of accidents.

Almost 2,500 people died on the country’s roads last year, public broadcaster Polish Radio reported. It added that the number of pedestrians killed on Polish streets is the highest in Europe.


Source: PAP

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