New book reveals brutal targeting of journalists in Belarus

A new book published in Poland details the persecution of journalists who have been subjected to detention, torture and threats by the Belarusian regime.


The book, entitled I’m a Journalist. Why Are You Beating Me?, is a collection of interviews with and reportage about 20 Belarusian journalists.

It offers an insight into what they experienced while trying to do their jobs in Belarus, where strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko has launched a brutal crackdown on opponents after an August 9 presidential election the West says was rigged.

The book has been published by the Polish Association of Journalists. Its head, Krzysztof Skowroński, said it was an „expression of solidarity with Belarusian journalists, who – reporting on the protests in their country – are subjected to repression.”

The chapter titles give a glimpse of the hardships faced by independent Belarusian journalists: “Stripped naked and kicked in the stomach”; “I ended up in a torture cell”; “When I was hit with a bullet, I said ‘ouch!’ and ran on”; “If you croak, you’ll be doing me a favour.”

The book has been published in a number of languages, including Polish and English. It can be downloaded at



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