Mobile internet in Poland cheaper than in most countries: study

Poland is the world’s 21st-cheapest country when it comes to the cost of mobile internet services, a study has found.

Photo: USA-Reiseblogger/ License

Photo: USA-Reiseblogger/ License

The average cost of one gigabyte of data for smartphone users in Poland is equivalent to USD 1.32, according to the study by UK-based price comparison website

India is the cheapest country worldwide for one gigabyte of data, with the average cost at USD 0.26, said.

Kyrgyzstan came in second with USD 0.27, and Kazakhstan was named as the world’s third-cheapest country for mobile internet, with USD 0.49.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe is the most expensive country for mobile internet users, with the cost of one gigabyte of data averaging USD 75.20, according to

The website said its extensive analysis of mobile data pricing focused on 6,313 data plans across the globe.



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