Millions for COVID-19 research from Polish gov’t agency

A Polish government agency has announced plans to pour millions into research to help stop the global coronavirus pandemic.

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Pixabay LicenseImage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The government-funded National Science Centre (NCN) has encouraged Poland’s research community to apply for special grants amid worldwide efforts to contain the viral outbreak.

A total of PLN 10 million (EUR 2.2 million, USD 2.4 million) is up for grabs for researchers “who can expand knowledge on COVID-19 diagnostic procedures, treatment and prevention, and the psychological and social effects of the pandemic,” the National Science Centre said.

The deadline for applications is April 14, state news agency PAP reported.

The COVID-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus has killed tens of thousands and infected hundreds of thousands across the globe.


Source: PAP,

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