26 August, 2019

Mariusz Kamiński to take over as Interior Minister

PM Mateusz Morawiecki has requested President Duda to appoint Mariusz Kamiński as the new head of the Interior and Administration Ministry. 

Mariusz Kamiński

Mariusz Kamiński Jarosław Roland Kruk/Wikimedia Commons

 As government spokesman Piotr Mueller told Polish Radio’s IAR news agency, Mariusz Kamiński will also continue as Minister-Coordinator for Special Services.

„Mr.Kamiński will combine the two functions, just as he has already done in the past, in other governments and in different terms. The official appointment is scheduled for the coming week, while the date shall be decided by President Duda, as the official request  regarding the Minister has been submitted” he said. 

The official appointment is scheduled for the coming week. Mariusz Kamiński replaces Elżbieta Witek, on Friday elected as the new Speaker of Parliament after the resignation of Marek Kuchciński following a scandal over claims that he overused government planes.

In a vote on Friday just two months before Poland holds a general election, Elżbieta Witek from the governing conservative Law and Justice (PiS) was backed by 245 deputies.

Source: IAR

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