Local Property Tax Surcharges Should Stay Local – Fleming

Fianna Fáil TD for Laois and Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Seán Fleming, has said the surcharges accumulated as a result of late-payment of the local property tax (LPT) or failure to file a LPT return, should be returned to the local authority and not the central exchequer.

Deputy Fleming explained, „Through parliamentary questions I recently learned that the penalty remittances collected on foot of late payments or failure to file a LPT return, are returned to the exchequer and not the local authority as is the case for regular LPT payments.

„Since the introduction of LPT, delayed payments or the non-filing of LPT returns has directly led to 55,000 surcharges being issued in respect of income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax, with almost €4.7 million collected to date.

„I believe that these funds would be better served in the local authorities which desperately need them, and not the exchequer. The purpose of the LPT is to fund local services – public parks; libraries; emergency services, street maintenance and leisure amenities to name just a few.

„As it stands, the surcharge payments collected as a result of the introduction of the LPT, are classified as income tax, corporation tax or capital gains tax, so they are not included in the LPT receipts and are not directed to the local authority.

„I think it’s reasonable that this is changed and that the LPT related surcharges go to the local authority”, he concluded.

Fianna Fáil
Seán Fleming TD

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