Living with Covid is not working

Living with Covid is not a strategy. Or if it is, it hasn’t worked.

That’s why tomorrow, the Labour Party will be introducing a motion to the Dáil calling for a National Aggressive Suppression Strategy.

Our plan would bring community transmission to as close to zero as possible and then put the measures in place that we need to contain and crush the virus.

If we do this, we can end this unsustainable cycle of rolling lockdowns and get back to a form of normality.

We need mandatory hotel quarantine for arrivals into Ireland. Passengers must receive PCR tests on arrival, and after 5 days, as we have been calling for many months.

The virus continues to mutate and the next mutation could as easily come from Lanzarote or London as from South Africa or Brazil.

It could even happen here, which is why we also need to bring community transmission in Ireland to as close to zero as possible.

We need to conduct a survey of employers to ensure that as many people are working from home as possible. It is the worker who will carry the can, not their employer, if the Gardaí decide their journey to work is not essential.

And we must invest in our public health teams. They need all the resources possible to provide aggressive testing and tracing to keep new any outbreaks of the virus under control when they arise.

Critics of calls for a Zero-Covid strategy claim that it is impossible. But we know that it is not.

The more time that we waste trying to live with Covid, the more damage we will do to our society and to our economy and ultimately, the more lives that will be lost.

Please support our calls for a National Aggressive Suppression Strategy by sharing the graphic below with your friends, family and on social media.

In solidarity

Alan Kelly TD
Leader of the Labour Party

Premier powie, co da