Lina: Written By Stephen Fahey – Part 5

Several days passed before Joseph Fay let McIntosh out of his box. That was when he first started to use the hatch he had built into the box when he constructed it. He put food and water and a bedpan though it and let McIntosh’s bruises heal while he himself read and pondered his own loss. Ola had been gone so long then that he realised that he couldn’t remember her scent. It sliced open his resolve and in a whiskey fed stupor Joseph Fay wept for his wife. Death in childbirth wasn’t supposed to happen anymore, and the doctors had said it was rare too. Even in his time earning his medical degree he had never heard of such a case. But that’s the way it goes, as Ola herself used say, and now that he had McIntosh Joseph wasn’t about to let anything stand in his way. He stood, washed his face in the kitchen sink and folded the kitchen towel into a neat square and placed it on the draining board beside the sink. It was time.

McIntosh was snoring when Fay walked down the basement stairs to the large wooden box. It was contemptable to Fay to hear McIntosh snore. As if he was enjoying himself. Looking through the hole that the shackle chain fed through, Fay saw that the last meal he had fed McIntosh had taken affect. He then slide the wall of the box open and dragged McIntosh from his mattress. He then dragged him across the basement to a waiting table where he strapped him down and dressed in an apron and visor with gloves. Then, he opened McIntosh’s trousers and pulled them down, then took a pen and dotted a line across Eli’s left leg and then put down the pen. Next he lifted the medical grade circular saw and began working the flesh until the bone made the saw sing a high pitched whine. Then the rest of the flesh and then the skin on the other side. It didn’t take long, and when the leg, from upper thigh to the stuck below the knee, were freed, Joseph brought it to the sink and washed it. Then he butchered it and bagged the pieces and then brought them upstairs and placed them in the freezer. Then he returned to McIntosh and stitched him up.

It took weeks for the wound to heal and keeping McIntosh sedated that long was difficult. Fay had to perform physiotherapy on McIntosh’s remaining limbs to prevent atrophy. There was also a limited amount of time before extended sedation would begin to affect McIntosh’s memory. So as soon as the wound was ready Fay took McIntosh to a nearby lake where he and Ola and Lina used picnic and lay him out on the sandy shore, naked but with a blanket under his head. Then Joseph retreated to the nearby undergrowth.


To be continued…

© Stephen Fahey

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