Kelleher welcomes Commission commitment to Green Deal compatible cross-border energy projects (PCIs)

Fianna Fáil MEP Billy Kelleher has welcomed confirmation from the European Commission that any future cross-border energy projects must be fully compatible with the European Green Deal if they are to receive EU funding.

Kelleher was speaking following confirmation from Executive Vice President, Franz Timmermans that “to receive European funds, projects on the PCI list will have to support our ambitions under the Green Deal”. PCIs are cross-border projects that link energy systems with the aim of achieving energy security for the European Union.

“Commissioner Timmermans made this announcement on foot of a request from MEPs of the Renew Europe of which I am a member.

“This is a positive step that allows Europe to proceed with projects of significant importance such as the Celtic Interconnector between Ireland and France, and the North-South Interconnector in Ireland.

“Quite rightly, there was significant concern expressed by many in Ireland about the sustainability of some projects but with this announcement, we can be confident that all projects will now comply with the ambition of the European Green Deal.

“Ireland needs energy security. As an island nation, we cannot just hope for the best. We need a diverse and secure energy supply and many of the projects on the PCI list are essential to meeting that goal.

“The ultimate objective must be to become carbon neutral but we also need secure our energy supplies as we move towards that objective This week’s announcement makes that easier to achieve, and should be welcomed,” concluded Kelleher.

Billy Kelleher MEP

Fianna Fáil | Ireland South

Renew Europe

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