Irish Government should seek European agreement to seek compensation from Israel for demolished EU-funded structures – MEP Kelleher

Fianna Fáil MEP Billy Kelleher is calling for the European Union to seek compensation from the Israeli government in lieu of EU-funded structures that were demolished in the West Bank or East Jerusalem.

„Before Christmas, a group of MEPs wrote to the European Commission requesting an update on their plans to seek compensation. It is estimated that since 2016, structures funded by the European Union, totalling over €2.25 million, have been destroyed by the actions of the Israeli government as part of their annexation of Palestinian lands.

„Sadly the Commission’s hands are tied and require a unanimous decision of the European Council i.e. the national governments of each Member State in order to seek compensation.

„As a result, I wrote to the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tánaiste Micheál Martin, and followed it up at an in-person meeting in Brussels this week, requesting that he and the Irish Government work at European Council level to secure agreement among Member States.

„Israel cannot act with impunity. They are in violation of international law and basic human decency. The EU cannot sit back and let them destroy EU-funded structures. We must find a way of getting compensation or reducing funding under the EU-Israel bilateral cooperation agreement.

„The EU must stand up for its values, at home and abroad. The Israeli government destroying EU-funded investments and structures as they annex Palestinian lands cannot be ignored and the Irish Government must take the lead, and work with like-minded Member States, to ensure EU taxpayers don’t lose out any more,” concluded Kelleher.

Billy Kelleher MEP
Fianna Fáil | Renew Europe

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