Ireland should stand firm behind Von Der Leyen’s decision on blocking EU money to Hungary until reforms take place

Fianna Fáil MEP Billy Kelleher has urged the Taoiseach to use today’s visit by the European Commission President, Ursula Von Der Leyen to the Oireachtas to reiterate Ireland’s support for Rule of Law and support the Commission’s strong position on Hungary’s continued breaches of basic EU values.

„President Von Der Leyen’s visit to the Oireachtas today is an important moment for Ireland and the EU. As we enter into the start of our celebration of 50 years of EU membership for Ireland, we can be proud of our success story.

„EU values of democracy, rule of law, equality and media/judicial independence are the cornerstones of our Union. Hungary, under the leadership of Victor Orban has chosen to renege on their legal and treaty obligations and it is now right and proper that the European Commission has decided to withhold EU funding from Hungary.

„The Renew Europe group, the Parliamentary group of Europe’s liberals and centrists where Fianna Fáil MEPs sit, has since 2029 consistently called on the European Commission to temporarily block EU funds to Hungary under the new Rule of Law Conditionality Mechanism.

„We will continue to keep the pressure on Orbán’s Government until he agrees that with EU membership comes responsibilities as well as rights and opportunities. The EU is not an ATM for illiberal governments.

„Taoiseach Micheál Martin has been a strong voice on the European Council over the last two years. He, and all Irish colleagues should reiterate Irish support for Rule of Law obligations today and stand firm behind the Commission’s decision this week to temporarily block the release of funding until European values are respected in Hungary by Victor Orban,” concluded Kelleher.

Billy Kelleher MEP
Fianna Fáil | Renew Europe

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